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Mine Assault staff members are always on the look out for any rule breaking. We will warn players only 1 time about a serious issue that needs addressing. Any players that refuse to change wronged ways will be jailed for 24 Hours in Limbo. If any further issues are brought up in regards to further breaking of the  rules, you will be IP banned from the server. If you wish to regain access, you will be required to purchase a forgiveness donation package in our server shop.



  1. There is no bullying on this server, especially on a personal level. The game has a morbid theme, I know… but do not let fighting escalate to chat!
  2. Abuse or spam of chat or commands is forbidden!
  3. Any players using bad language in excess will be muted for 24 hr. Using excessive foul language is not polite and is not tolerated.
  4. Failure to report a bug or glitch that compromises normal intended play will result in punishment if proven.
  5. Never ask to be staff or help with the server. We decide what happens here for a reason. There are no hand-outs.
  6. Extreme failure to show loyalty and support to the server is not allowed.
  7. Promoting other servers, website, or links of any kind that are unrelated to Mine Assault is illegal.
  8. Do not ever ask the staff to give you items, money or commands. This includes teleporting players.
  9. Raiding and destruction is only allowed if the player being attacked failed to establish a land protection claim on the area in question.
  10. Hacking, illegal modding and cheating is not allowed!