Membership Levels


Players are the base level membership that everyone starts out as. They have access to all server models, but may find themselves with higher prices and lack of permissions. To lift this restricton, a simple upgrade to a Member would be quick, instant and free.


/spawn, /hub, /nav
This command is standard to all players and can be used anywhere as long as a temporary restriction is not in place (games).

Shows a player their resident screen.

/resident friend add <player>
Add a friend player.

/resident jail paybail
Allows a player to pay to get out of jail. Funds go to the town which owns the Jail.

/resident list
Lists residents in towny’s data folder who are online.

/town prices
Shows taxes/costs associated with running a town.

/town list
Display a list of towns by page, in ranked order.

/town here
Return information on the current town you stand in.

/town prices
Shows taxes/costs associated with running a town.

/town join “town”
Join a town, only if it is set to public.

/town new <town-name>
Create a new town.

Display informatin on your town.

/town online
Show a list of your online town members.

/plot claim
Resident command to personally claims a plot that are for sale.

/plot unclaim
Resident command to unclaim personally owned plots.

/town invite
Invite a player to join your town

/town setspawn
Set the spawn of your town. Must be a mayor.

/town spawn
Teleport to the default town spawn.

/town map
Shows the towny map.

/town leave
Leave the current town you are in.


/town kick <resident>
Remove a resident from your town.

/town claim
Claim  a chunk of land for your town.

/town claim outpost
Claims an outpost for your town.

/town unclaim
Unclaims an outpost for your town.

/town add <resident>
Add a player to your town.

/town toggle pvp
Turns pvp on or off in the town.

/town toggle public
Determine if your town is public or private.

/town toggle open
Determine if your town is invite only or open for all to join.

/plot create
Create a plot for sale within your town.

/plot forsale <amount>
Set a plot for sale.

/plot notforasle
Set a plot to not be for sale.


Members can unlock the parks you see below. Registration is fast and free. It is important that your information matches your minecraft identity.


Use this command in Limbo to receive a random mystery chest key. Cooldown: 24hr.

This command will grant you the default Member kit. Cooldown: 12hr.

Display your power with super charge and forcefield explosion of anything around you. Cooldown: 30m.

Use this command in Limbo to receive a Good Faith food key. You will be awarded random set items. Cooldown: 1hr.

This command is intended for the wilderness, and will raise you upward for 10s. Best used with Elytra. Cooldown: 3hr.



Premium members are royalty, and are greeted as such throught the entire server. This rank will not only see lower shop prices, but a chance to win up to 50x more coins that a regular member. Along with the membership comes access to the monthly competitions, and the prize showcase redemption system. Premium access is a 30 day subscription. Pay as you want.


To be used in the wilderness for when the going gets tough.

This key is much more special than the key given to members.

This command will grant you the super DarkLord VII kit. Cooldown: 12hr.

This command will grant you the super Miners Dream mining kit. Cooldown: 6hr.

This command will grant you the super Mad Bomber Demolition kit. Cooldown: 6hr.

This command will grant you a Builders Depot coupon, good for any blockset for sale. Cooldown: 6hr.

Server Rules

Mine Assault staff members are always on the look out for any rule breaking. We will warn players only 1 time about a serious issue that needs addressing. Any players that refuse to change wronged ways will be jailed for 24 Hours in Limbo. If any further issues are brought up in regards to further breaking of the  rules, you will be IP banned from the server. If you wish to regain access, you will be required to purchase a forgiveness donation package in our server shop.



  1. There is no bullying on this server, especially on a personal level. The game has a morbid theme, I know… but do not let fighting escalate to chat!
  2. Abuse or spam of chat or commands is forbidden!
  3. Any players using bad language in excess will be muted for 24 hr. Using excessive foul language is not polite and is not tolerated.
  4. Failure to report a bug or glitch that compromises normal intended play will result in punishment if proven.
  5. Never ask to be staff or help with the server. We decide what happens here for a reason. There are no hand-outs.
  6. Extreme failure to show loyalty and support to the server is not allowed.
  7. Promoting other servers, website, or links of any kind that are unrelated to Mine Assault is illegal.
  8. Do not ever ask the staff to give you items, money or commands. This includes teleporting players.
  9. Raiding and destruction is only allowed if the player being attacked failed to establish a land protection claim on the area in question.
  10. Hacking, illegal modding and cheating is not allowed!
Reward Headquarters

We started testing out the new Key Shop, where many keys can be purchased for many different themed items and kits. Rare keys are found and won, but these keys are equally as useful.



Server shops have the most unique items in the game. There is a central shopping district in Limbo that carries a growing number of mythical items for sale. When you rank up , additional menu pages will become available for you to select from. Use the /market command to sell items in the shop, and earn server currency.2016-04-25_13.05.12

Rank Information














This page will develop more in time, but here is a live look at all power level ranks.

rank1 rank2 rank3rank4 rank5rank6signrank7sign




Redemption Coins

Development Timeline

I feel confident in starting to post a list of things that still need to be addressed, and order them in a timeline of importance, so you all can keep track of where we are and what is on the horizon.



Establish all core worlds.

Secure player inventory stability in all worlds.

Establish temporary survival landing platform.

First build released of beta coding for Towny Landing NPC’s.

First build released of beta coding for a Wilderness location.



Cops and Robbers Game : Concept design.

Cops and Robbers Game : Beta testing

Weapons Shop
Mine Assault
The most rewarding Minecraft server in existence

Every day, we move closer to reaching our ultimate goal.