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2X Coin Multiplier
Generate coins twice as fast as free members.

Coin Redemption
Exchange earned coins for showcase prizes each month.

VIP Treatment
Receive a special PREMIUM title and upgraded permissions.

Competition Access
Compete to WIN in this month’s active competition.

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Premium players pay a monthly membership fee that covers the cost of the prize showcase. As more players join, larger-value prizes can be awarded. Players will be competing for coin payouts, which can be used to redeem items from the prize showcase. Players have the option to earn tokens on the server organically, but they can only use them while in an active premium membership. Prize redemption is limited to one item per player, per month, all while supplies last.

≡ Low Cost Entry.

≡ Easy To Promote.

≡ Encourage Participation.

≡ VIP Rank Access.

≡ Community Upgrades

≡ 5x Mana Multiplier

≡ Specialty Perks

≡ Play With Purpose